Your Mind Body Spirit personal coach

I want you to coach you in to a better place. I want you to feel healthier, in your body, in your mind and ultimately enrich your spirit. I want you re-energised and back in the ring. I don’t want you shying away from all of the aforementioned. I want you to own them again and get yourself in a much better place.

This much I can do for you. I can tailor things to your needs – but I won’t go easy on you, because without discipline and fortitude you cannot make the incremental changes that over time, make you much, much stronger, mind body and spirit.

If you want, I will try to train your mind, body and spirit and show you, you are capable of much more than you currently comprehend. I will tailor things to your needs, your concerns, your weaknesses, your trials and tribulations.

I have just had the worst two years in my life and without Mindfulness and the martial arts I would be in a much worst place. I am human. Sometimes I have let myself off training. But it isn’t very long before I am drawn back in, because I need to nurture again – Mind, Body and Spirit. Often I fall short, but I will strive to lead by example. I will try to show you the way, to being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. That is the mantra for both you and I. Ready?

You tell me where: in person; in my training space; around the park. Your call. Your journey. I will travel alongside you every step of the way.