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My journey started with a crisis. This is the way with many of us. A voice within us tells us we need to delve in to ourselves. Some of us do this. I did.

I had recently moved to Scotland and took up Tai Chi under the instruction of Chinese acupuncturist, Tom Williams, at the Glasgow Buddhism Centre. For me, this soft martial art, became what a fellow student described as ‘a good friend you could always turn to.’ I staved off what could have developed in to depression and read about Taoism and the ancient wisdom and soon I grew stronger again.

My children were very young at that stage and took up a hard martial art, Tae Kwon Do, under the father-son team of John and David Monaghan. Soon enough I joined and developed a passionate interest in this too, finding it strengthened me further: mind, body, spirit.

Today, more than a decade later I am a devotee of Meditation, Qui Gong (a close relative of Tai Chi), Yoga and Tae Kwon Do and share Mindfulness with students.

I am a lecturer and run a Mindfulness group for students and another for academic staff at my university.

This site is aimed principally at men and women in their thirties and over, who need to re-find themselves. When I met Master Janitzio Moreno at Pantera Tae Kwon Do, north London, I thought he was 35. He was around 50 at the time. He is an incredible teacher.

Yes, I am aiming at other grey warriors, but that does not mean it cannot help you if you lie outside this group in society. Yes it is about staying physically fit, but the martial arts and the Yogi warriors before them, offered us and still offer us so much more than staying trim. The ancient wisdom offers you a deep self-awareness of your body, the state of your mind and offers you the chance to always lift your spirit, relinquishing fear, anger and other negative emotions that have a crippling effect upon our being.

My journey in to the ancient wisdom has continued and as well as working towards earning my Tae Kwon Do black belt (I am currently on the penultimate colour belt, red) and preparing for veteran Open competitions, I have trained in the Japanese healing art of Reiki.

The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know. Yet what little I do, helps me cope with the stresses and challenges of life daily. I want to share with you what I can.

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