Fully qualified Reiki pracitioner. Reiki 1 and 2. Reiki Science certified practitioner.

A close relative started to suffer with their mental health. I had always wanted to train in Reiki. This forced the issue. I had to help. I am still helping. Reiki has felt like the natural next step in my Mind-Body-Spirit journey. In understanding from Taoism, the need to reconnect with the animal kingdom and  follow the nature of things, it seemed very natural to progress and tap in to the energy around us. As taught by Torsten Lange at the Reiki Academy, London, all that happens to those that pursue Reiki is that they become attuned to the energy all around us and can channel it.

On this journey I have helped those with injuries incurred during sports and martial arts training, struggling with exhaustion, those suffering with depression, battling cancer and indeed helping their loved ones as well, caring for the carers. I have used Reiki remotely, helping patients not just at home, but in different parts of Europe as well.

It is a means of self-healing and in turn helping others to heal and much like those who are sceptical about Chi-Kung, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Yoga and Mindfulness  (elements in my personal journey), when you see what Reiki, like all these other elements can achieve, by drawing from the Ancient Wisdom – then the scepticism falls away.

People often turn to Reiki, because they live in their heads, feel they need to reconnect or have undergone a crisis, which has forced them to reappraise what they are all about. In time I will share more of this journey. It is an empowering one.

The catharsis of crying like a child during attunements or self-treatment, is liberating already. But that is just the start…..

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If you want to find out for yourself if Reiki could help you, please get in touch, using the form below. I charge £50 per hour. Please give me a brief indication of what you are suffering from in the commentary box. You can explain in greater detail when we meet.