The Grey Warrior Podcast

Providing those in the second phase of life and beyond with the tools to re-find themselves: mind, body and spirit. For those seeking longevity, who strive to be the best version of themselves, living life to the full. Advice, guidance, reflections, insightful interviews. Weaponry: Martial Arts, Mindfulness, Reiki and the ancient wisdom. If I can, you can! Just for today, let’s both try to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Episode 1. It’s All About the Journey.

Welcome to Grey Warrior – and a lifelong journey in to the mind, body and spirit. 

In this episode we will discuss learning to unlearn the lesson.  The mind, body and spirit are not separate entities. They are one, much as you are! 

It less about winning the fight and more about staying in the ring.  We’ll think about that as well.

Hopefully you are pushing for that elusive life change, say: overcoming illness; addiction; developing coping mechanisms for stress; keeping up with the kids; or writing that book! 

Your journey may start with a crisis. Mine did. That is always an opportunity.  All crises are.

Episode 2. Mindfulness, maybe?

So how can you prepare for some martial arts?

You can learn to stay centred and grounded. But how best to facilitate that?

By breathing properly. Generally speaking, we don’t. If you feel calmer, you’ll fight on.

Breathing in harmony with your movement, can help alleviate your stress and improve your technique. Ready?