“Not thinking about it. How to remove myself from what at the time had engulfed my whole life, which was my depression. Mindfulness helps you to be apart from everything and this is when I can see things more clearly, facilitating creativity. I didn’t have to think about my creativity. It just came to me.”

Jack on his sessions with the Mindfulness student group at the  University of Bedfordshire.

“On our first day with the group, we were given a poem that focused on not letting people make you feel like you can’t go far. Paul asked us to interpret what we thought each line meant and together we annotated the poem. We then worked on our breathing and ways to improve our mental and physical health. I think this benefited me hugely as it helped with one of the common problems I faced daily which was anxiety. It helped me to relax and made me see things in a positive light. It stopped me from panicking and helped me to manage myself in situations that may have been tense.”

Rochelle commenting on the Mindfulness student group at the University of Bedfordshire

“Paul and I have been running mindfulness groups for students and staff. We mainly draw on the tradition of zen master Thich Nhat Hahn, but incorporate some Chi Kung exercises to draw attention to the body (we do this at the start of our sessions). We believe that that institutions of higher education have a responsibility to help students face the stresses associated with joining university, so we created a group especially for first year students of Psychology and Journalism. Staff in higher education also experience stress and many go on sick leave. Increasingly, staff must deal with students experiencing mental health issues for which they have no training. While mindfulness, on its own, cannot offer solutions to such issues, it can help staff regain a sense of perspective and clarity by focusing on the present moment and appreciate the good things in them and around them. The group sessions offer informal support and a sense that they are not alone. As a result, they may be in a stronger position to devise solutions to the problems they encounter. Paul and I have a very good working relationship that has allowed us to tailor our approach to the needs of students and now staff. Paul draws on his practice of Taekwondo and Reiki, which he has done for many years, although these aren’t explicitly part of our sessions. However, these practices offer a wealth of experiences and insights that he often shares in our group. Paul is very compassionate and genuine and is willing to share a lot of his own personal experiences. We take turns at facilitating the mindfulness sessions and I know I can trust him to guide the participants through the exercises or the sitting meditation. Paul has been interested, for some time, in the circumstances affecting young people today and has expressed his desire to take on a role in the Mindfulness in Schools Project, for which he is well-suited.”

Dr Alfredo Gaitan, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bedfordshire:

“When Paul said to me he sensed restlessness during meditation, he was not wrong. I wasn’t connected – and felt detached from my emotions. I explained my struggle with living in the moment, holding on to the past and feeling anxious about the future. I am due to have a Reiki session with him, so he can untie some of my emotional knots. Paul and Alfredo introduced me to Mindfulness over a year ago and Paul has contributed significantly to my mental health recovery. He has taught me how to remain in the moment, how to accept life as it is and how to keep my spirit alive, by confronting my fears and the challenges in life. There are many people who can provide support for mental health recovery. Paul has helped me to make it happen. He has enabled me, coached me and subsequently give me the confidence to accept me.”

Pamela du-Bissette, Health and Safety advisor, University of Bedfordshire. 


“Paul is an experienced, sensitive and compassionate Reiki practioner. Since I’ve been receiving Reiki, I’ve had much more of a sense of being grounded and focused.”

Lesley. Writer.

“I am a fourth dan in Tae Kwon Do and due to over exertion unfortunately developed arthritis of the hips. I have treated this through natural means and Paul’s use of Reiki has often created warmth around the joints and helped alleviate discomfort. He is a dedicated and professional Reiki practitioner, who takes his healing seriously.”

Arian, Fourth Dan, Pantera Tae Kwon Do.

“I have trained with Paul for nearly eight years and he has shown a dedication and commitment to Tae Kwon Do that is admirable in someone now in his fifties. I recommend him to you as somebody who has much to impart in helping others, later in life, to the joys martial arts, mind, body and most of all spirit. Tae Kwon! ”

Arian, Fourth Dan, Pantera Tae Kwon Do.

“It’s great to see different activities deriving from Martial Arts which cater for older participants, in order to train our bodies and minds with the goal to live a healthy and focused life. Grey Warrior is definitely one of them!’

Master Janitzio Moreno, Taekwon-Do Black Belt VII Degree. Pantera Taekwon-Do


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