“Paul is an experienced, sensitive and compassionate Reiki practioner. Since I’ve been receiving Reiki, I’ve had much more of a sense of being grounded and focused.”

Lesley. Writer.

“I am a fourth dan in Tae Kwon Do and due to over exertion unfortunately developed arthritis of the hips. I have treated this through natural means and Paul’s use of Reiki has often created warmth around the joints and helped alleviate discomfort. He is a dedicated and professional Reiki practitioner, who takes his healing seriously.”

Arian, Fourth Dan, Pantera Tae Kwon Do.


“I have trained with Paul for nearly eight years and he has shown a dedication and commitment to Tae Kwon Do that is admirable in someone now in his fifties. I recommend him to you as somebody who has much to impart in helping others, later in life, to the joys martial arts, mind, body and most of all spirit. Tae Kwon! ”

Arian, Fourth Dan, Pantera Tae Kwon Do.

“It’s great to see different activities deriving from Martial Arts which cater for older participants, in order to train our bodies and minds with the goal to live a healthy and focused life. Grey Warrior is definitely one of them!’

Master Janitzio Moreno, Taekwon-Do Black Belt VII Degree. Pantera Taekwon-Do


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