The inaugural meeting of Grey Warriors is hereby officially opened. You are invited, on the proviso you are over forty, wish to get fit but have an aching sense of wanting to dig deeper still, wanting to grow (again) not only in physical prowess but also to explore what lurks within – so you can be at peace with yourself.

I will be on the journey with you. I am still on the journey. It is a lifelong trip into the mind, body and spirit. They are one, but you need to unlearn the lessons you learnt about practicing sport and developing your intellect and nurturing your soul, as if they were separate worlds, different entities. They are one.

I am a grey warrior. It is not about winning the fight but remaining in the ring, mind, body and soul: the push for that elusive life change; the strength to overcome illness or addiction; the mechanisms to cope and keep up with the kids; the strength to write that book in time you do not have. Whatever the motivation, you are welcome.