This Grey Warrior (54 years young) draws on the many warriors before him, that used a series of elements to train: Mindy, Body and Spirit.I train with masters – and a member of an England team. She’s the most terrifying!

In the East, using breathing techniques we now associate with Mindfulness, were commonplace, as a means of preparing for martial arts training. I practice what I preach.

The breathing techniques will help you cope better with the martial arts-related training. We shall build slowly and steadily. Nobody will be pushed too hard or too fast. Everybody will be respected. You will all grow in confidence.

So if you are over 35, of either gender, want to become more centred and grounded, physically, mentally and spiritually, to counter the turbulence we all face in life, well – it’s time!


Mindfulness is a means of staying centred and grounded, physically, mentally and spiritually, when the turbulence comes in life – and it does.Through simple movements, where I focus on breathing, you re-connect with how you are feeling and start to find calmer, better ways to respond to the storm. The Mindfulness element of the class will help you to prepare for the martial arts-based training that follows in the same class. 

simple soft martial arts exercises;

checking in, where you explain how you feel, right now;

mindfulness readings and your responses;

some moments of guided or silent meditation.

The martial arts-based element of  the same class, aims to help participants:

with confidence and an inner emotional, physical and spiritual strength;

feel much fitter, healthier and revitalised, with far more energy;

unclutter their minds, unshackling the participant from the stress accumulated.

What I ask in return is your regular attendance. It is only through such discipline that the real benefits will be reaped. There is nothing mystical, strange or special here. Many have been down this path before us.